Tech-Air Off Road System Black/Red

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Tech-Air® Off-Road is a FIM homologated Airbag System designed specifically to handle the rigors of Rally riding and provide unrivaled upper body protection. Developed and tested since 2017, in the most grueling conditions of the Dakar Rally, the world’s toughest off-road race, the Tech-Air® Off-Road System offers the most advanced active airbag technology for off-road riding.

The Tech-Air® Off-Road System, with the active airbag inflated, delivers CE Level 1 full Chest and full Back protection, plus coverage to the shoulders, neck, and collarbones in the event of a crash. The System is integrated with an Alpinestars Off-Road Protection Jacket that is equipped with a Level 1 passive full back and limb protection, integrated protection on the arms and a CE Level 2 passive full chest protector offering riders enhanced roost protection against rocks, debris, and other obstacles they may come into contact with on the trail. Built tough enough to tackle any terrain, the System comes pre-loaded with three Riding Modes; ENDURO, RALLY, and STREET, making it the perfect choice for every type of off-road and street riding.

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Key Features

• The world’s first dedicated off-road Airbag System, Tech-Air® Off-Road comes with 3 Riding Modes; ENDURO, RALLY, AND STREET.
• Riding Modes are easy to navigate while on the move via the LED Display located on the front of the System, or via the Tech-Air® App.
• The Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD System features dual charge capability which means that with two full gas inflators, the System provides two separate airbag
deployments, since only one gas inflator will deploy to inflate the entire Airbag System during a crash scenario.
• Quick release cover opening allows for rapid gas inflator replacement by user, only available in countries where gas inflator replacement by individuals is permitted by local regulations.
• A fully self-contained, standalone system; 3 accelerometers (1 triaxial accelerometer) and 3 gyroscopes (1 triaxial gyroscope) are integrated in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to provide the best crash monitoring performance and active airbag protection in a variety of dynamic off-road riding scenarios. No external sensors are required for the system to operate.
• The Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD System uses an integrated, certified lithium-ion battery, with a fully charged battery life of 30 hours and a recharge time of approximately 4 hours; charging the battery for approximately 1 hour will provide approximately 8 hours of riding time use.
• The LED Display features an integrated charging port for convenient and easy charging of the System; simply plug in the USB-C cable into the Recharge Port on the System’s LED Display and connect it to a power source.
• Ease of use; to turn on the Tech-Air® Off-Road System, simply zip up the System and it will automatically turn on and activate the Airbag System. To deactivate the airbag, unzip the System and it will automatically turn off.
• A dedicated Shipping Mode slide switch is located on the ECU, which when turned on effectively puts the the System into sleep mode. Only accessible once the Electronic Case on the back protector is removed, the Shipping Mode switch allows the battery to be disconnected from the System during transportation or when the System will not be in use for a prolonged period of time. The System is sold with the Shipping Mode turned on, make sure to turn the Shipping Mode off when you open the box and use the Airbag System for the first time.
• The Tech-Air® Off-Road System’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and airbag are completely removable so that the Protection Jacket can be washed separately

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